Shinzo Abe RESIGNS as Japan’s Prime Minister

Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, 65, has announced his resignation after his eight-year stint in power due to ill health amid reports he had been vomiting blood.  Abe, 65, who made the announcement on Friday August 28, said he had suffered a relapse of a chronic bowel condition -saying he had ‘lost a lot of his energyContinue reading “Shinzo Abe RESIGNS as Japan’s Prime Minister”

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson Tests Positive For COVID-19

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson has tested positive for the COVID-19. Johnson has mild symptoms and will self-isolate in Downing Street. “He was tested for coronavirus on the personal advice of England’s chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty,” a statement said. “He will still be in charge of the government’s handling ofContinue reading “UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson Tests Positive For COVID-19”


.Even though queen Elizabeth is a public figure, she lives a very private life. What baffles most people about her is that she seldom speaks about herself and never grant interviews to the media. This is the reason why so little is known about her. With over 66 years on the throne, she has becomeContinue reading “16 FACTS YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT QUEEN ELIZABETH II”