Accountant-General, MDAs Now Mandated To Publish Daily Spending –FG

It is now mandatory for the Accountant General of the Federation and all accounting officers to publish daily reports of their spending in the region of N10m made from public treasury. It is also compulsory for Ministries , Departments and Agencies of government must do the same but for payments above N 5m. A statementContinue reading “Accountant-General, MDAs Now Mandated To Publish Daily Spending –FG”

Twitter to delete inactive accounts starting December

Twitter plans to delete inactive accounts from the platform next month – putting coveted usernames up for grabs Twitter said it will delete the accounts of inactive Twitter users next month, making some desirable handles free for the taking. The Verge reports that Twitter will deactivate the accounts on December 11 and the move willContinue reading “Twitter to delete inactive accounts starting December”