This man went to bring food for Usman ni Sha…
I was still confused as to what exactly did I do wrong to the IPO
They allowed me call my mum..
With the IPO number
I wasn’t allowed to say much to mum on the phone..
They just told her to come to DUGBE SARS station in Ibadan..
It was later in the cell that Usman was telling me that EBIRA people and IGHALA people don’t like themselves…
The country is bleeped mehn
No love anywhere…
What sort of tribalism is that one…same state oh
My mum came that second day
She was asked to go and bring 200k

Mum said she doesn’t have such money..that where is her son
She wants to see her son
These SARS sent
Her out of the station….that she’s not ready…
I was there for a week..
There is this my uncle’s friend at Abuja that my mum called
He knows ppl…
He called the commissioner of police of Oyo State….
The next Monday….I saw two black jeeps just came into the station compound….and they summoned us…
Me and usman
Two of the SARS ppl that came to arrest us and their OC
were also taken
Straight down to the commissioner’s office at Ibadan…
Me I was just looking like
Like mumu….I don’t know what was going on..
I heard the OC telling them not to mention the third party (Mr olumide that has been released the second day) at all in their explanations …
After waiting for like two hours downstairs..they took us to the commissioner’s office
It was a two stories building…
When I got there …
There was one office next to the commissioner’s office…I saw my mum and sister sitting there..
I was relieved a bit.
When we got inside omoh see office like palace..
Seeing the OC the commissioner just asked us that who
Who among the two of us (me and Usman) is the mother here presently…
I raised up my hands I was shaking..I thought my own don finish
He asked where is she…before I could talk..
The OC said ehn they have called her line that it’s switched off..ahhh
I quickly told the commissioner that I saw my mum in one of those offices just now as we were coming…so they sent for her
So she came with my sister…
Guys take care of your mothers
Nothing like mothers love….
Na me dey inside cell my mama don lean finish
So the commissioner started asking us questions…I explained my own part … about the phone how I got it and receipt and all..
He asked Usman he explained
..the commissioner was surprised
He asked me if I explained to the officers I said yes …
Confused he asked the OC
That y was I there since last week despite I produced receipt and showed them where and who sold the phone to me….
The OC quickly denied instantly that he doesn’t know about the case …that it’s until that same day morning that he’s just learning about it ah…omoh
Me I was
Too terrified to even counter their claims all I just wanted was to leave there alive…
The commissioner apologized to my mum ….and warn me to b careful whenever am buying something like that next time..
Then he asked “who was the complainant of the said stolen phone
There was total silence….
Nothing the SARS couldn’t say anything Sha….
No complainants
And they were threatening us before that the owner of the phone was robbed ..that even a car was stolen…
So all Na lie
We are finished in this country…
I was Sha released
That day…
So basically what these ppl do
Is to get some phones from God knows where and note down their IMEI and SERIAL numbers…
Give it to someone to sell in a market ….
And start tracking the phones just to arrest ppl involved and extort them.. claiming it was robbed
This country is bleeped mehn……

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