They kept driving discussing and laughing
The driver was playing pasuma
Fuji music
The three of us (me Mr Olumide and Usman) where very quiet during the whole journey.

At last we got to the station after several hours drive
I was just looking like mumu..
They asked us to come down..then I silently asked the mr Olumide that where are we like this? He said IBADAN..
Ah I don die

Nobody knew where I am keh
Not my mum not any of my family
I thought to myself….
My head was blank don’t know what to do
They marched us to their OC office
…and the man started asking us questions one by one…
Our names
Our states
And how the phone got to our hands…
Olumide said he knows me very well he brought phone from me.
I told them I bought the phone from Mr Usman
With receipt …

The OC asked me where I got the receipt I told them it’s from Usman..
That he issued it when I bought it.
This OC now asked one funny question…
He was like why did I asked for the INITIAL receipt of the phone before buying…I was trying to explain naso I chop another slap…
From one of the SARS that I should keep quiet…that am talking while their oga is talking!!!! Omoh…

Usman was asked where he got phone the guy said he got it from somebody a long time ago
That the owner just needed money when he bought it…
The OC said they should go and lock
Us up….
Where were disposed of our stuff’s everything..
And where taken into cell…
That cell story sef is crazy mehn..

It has a small passage and 4 cells
Everywhere is full no space
Each room has nothing less that 60-70 ppl..
Even the passage was full…..there was just one big OX fan at the entrance of the passage before entering the whole cell gate…
We sha went through small questioning from their governor in the cell….
They have Marshal
They have governor
And OC torture in the cell

We sha chop slaps and they searched us they collect 1500 from me…I hid it inside my boxers so those police didn’t see it if not them for don collect am ..
Now after hearing our story..
The governor Sha told us to come inside cell no 1
Na stand we stand over night
No space…
I never see that kind gathering before …like sardines
We are really suffering in this country I swear….

Fast forward to the next morning around 9:30
They brought us out to come and write statement…
Statement with slaps oh…
I confused I couldn’t remember how to spell..
My name properly sef
The Mr Olumide I think he has someone in Ibadan
His ppl came down to the station that morning… after some discussion and all
This man paid about 100k to them
And Mr olumide was released immediately…
Ah I shock…
So Na money matter ??
I don die

The IPO came to meet me and Usman and started asking us where we are from and so on….
I told him I am from Kogi State…I for just claim Info State Jeje that day o cos my late dad was from Ondo..
Mum is from Kogi…
He asked which part I told him that it’s EBIRA
Naso these man said all ebira are criminals this and that…
That he would make sure I rot in jail ..
He was so serious as if it’s something personal…
I was confused
He asked Usman
Usman is Hausa
But his mum is from Kogi too
But ighala …
Fortunately for Usman the IPO too
Was an ighala man….
The same Kogi o
They started speaking ighala language…the werey started smiling…
I just knew my village ppl are after me at this point…

Watch out for the concluding part of the story

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