One monday morning like that these 5 SARS officials came down to my office at egbeda with one Mr Olumide, a bros that I know …
And started questioning me..
If I knew the Mr Olumide
I told them yes
Mind you they were not on uniform o..
One of them asked me when was the last..
The last time I saw the Mr Olumide
I told them like 3 weeks ago…
I asked them what was the whole interrogation about. One of them asked me that he wants to buy a phone…I phone 8 plus
I told him I don’t sell phones..
Mind you am a mobile software engineer.
He said but I sold.
A phone (tecno cx) to the Mr Olumide 3 weeks ago. .
I said yes … I needed some money for my house rent as at that 3 weeks ago I had to sell my personal phone to the Mr Olumide .
So I could sort my house rent issue…
They then proceeded asking where I got the phone.
I told them.
I bought it in the GSM village Olugbede market..
I opened my drawer and brought out the receipt of the phone as proof of ownership..
One of them asked me to take them to the place I bought it ..

I said no problem I took them 6 of them 5 SARS and Mr Olumide to where I bought the..
Phone …I pointed to Mr Usman the person that sold the phone to me …
He didn’t deny selling the phone..
My mind was at rest hoping that am out of whatever trouble it is..
Not knowing what’s gonna happen next
The next thing they said was that the phone was a stolen phone
And that they have been tracking the phone for about 4 months ago..
I was already shivering
Then I thought since I bought the phone and showed my receipt and where I bought it that I don’t have any problem..
One innocent customer came to the Mr usman shop that moment that he wants to buy something..he didn’t know they were on SARS
U know dey didn’t put on their uniforms..
He was chased out the guy started vexing for the embarrassment..the next thing the SARS started beating the guy
Serious beating oh.. their team leader brought out his pistol and asked him (the customer) to b chained….
The whole market was gathered
No one could asked what’s going on..
We were cuffed too
Mr Olumide
…they took all the Usman phones that he was selling..
About 52 phones ..both new and UK used
Cos they counted it though..
The shop was being shared between two ppl the other occupant was a woman she was pregnant.
So they wanted to empty her showglass too and she was claiming that those where not Usman’s phone… their team leader
Gave this pregnant woman a serious slap…
Then the Igbo traders interfered and explain that her stuff’s are different from Usman own Sha…
They packed us inside a jeep..
Highlander jeep
(Me ..Usman..Mr Olumide …and the Innocent customer) chained like criminals and left
I was wondering what’s happening
They first of all took us to Idimu police station..they got down I didn’t know wat they went into the station to do we where still in the jeep

Later they brought down the Innocent customer and started beating him cause he insulted them earlier
At this point I was very scared mehnnn
Our phones has been seized at that moment.
About 30 mins later they returned the customer back into the jeep and started driving towards Ogba area at Agege…
I don’t really know roads like that ..
I kept wondering where are these pp taking
To…when we got to Ojodu
The customer was already crying and begging….that he didn’t know they where police..
He was asked to pay 50k right inside the jeep or he would b taken to the station…he was just crying

To cut his own part of the story they took him to one ATM spot
He withdrew 18k for them I think that was the whole money with him..and they dropped him there.
We proceeded on our journey ..
mind you I didn’t know where our destination is …
I was terrified like mad seeing the brutalities they have been displaying…na so we enter express o
It was already getting dark like 7 or so….

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