30 Injured, 23 Houses, 15 Vehicles Burnt At Ajuwon Explosion (Video)

A gas explosion caused panic in Lagos and Ogun border communities on Thursday, September 24

The incident was said to have been caused by a gas tanker

LASEMA said the inferno is being battled by the combined efforts of its responders and fire team

No fewer than 30 persons have been injured in the inferno that occurred in Ajuwon boarder community areas of Lagos and Ogun on Thursday, September 24.

A statement issued by the head pulic affairs of the Lagos State Emergency Authority, (LASEMA), Nosa Okunbor, hours after the incident revealed that a total number of casualties were 30, consisting of 20 adult males and 10 adult females were seriously injured.

In its post post-disaster assessment conducted, LASEMA said the disaster losses included two residential buildings, one church, one event centre, four commercial buildings, one market consisting of 15 shanty shops, 11 cars, two mini trucks, one bus and one heavy duty truck.

Okubor said a total number of 23 buildings and 15 vehicles were destroyed by the fire incident.

Residents of the area scampered for safety following an explosion and massive fire that rocked the area.

The explosion, which was heard as far as Harmony Estate and Obawole, Ogba, Iju in Lagos as well as Akute Ogun state, was said to have occurred around 3:30 pm in Balogun Bus stop in Ishaga.

It was gathered the loud bang, which many residents reported across social media platforms was a result of a gas tanker about to enter a newly built plant in a residential neighbourhood.

A Twitter user, Naija @Naija_PR, who was among those who raised the alarm, said there was an explosion at Iju Ajuwon Lagos.

The Nation reported that a lawyer who is a resident of the area said:

“Gas explosion nearly brought my house down! The explosion didn’t even happen very close to my house but it shook the whole house and almost shattered my windows. The light from the explosion came very close to my building. Thank you God o.
The residents appealed for emergency responders to be alerted, claiming that the fire was already entering nearby homes.

The incident was said to have been confirmed by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), urging residents to stay away from the area.

NEMA’s southwest coordinator, Ibrahim Farinloye said that the agency’s officials were on the ground and fire service has been contacted.

He said:
“Yes, a tanker exploded at Balogun Bus stop, Iju Ishaga. Our people are already there and fire service has been informed. The tanker was trying to enter a gas plant when it exploded. There were domestic cylinders there and so, those ones also started exploding.
“The fire has not extended to any building. It is still within the gas plant. People sustained burn injuries but no deaths reported yet. We have contacted fire service. We appeal to people to stay away from the area.

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