65th Anniversary: Old Students Donate To Alma Mater

The Award-winning Old Students’ Association of Methodist High School, Ilesa, through some of their sets, continued with their intervention in the affairs of the school by donating additional graduation gowns to the school recently.  

This increased the number of branded graduation gowns made available to the school by her 1976 graduating set to 175 pieces.

In addition, the same set also donated one thousand(1000) pairs of school uniform(Trouser & Shirt and Skirt & Blouse to the students.
Methodist High School, Ilesa which was founded in 1956 is currently preparing for her 65th Anniversary Celebrations which will hold from January 24 to 26, 2021.

The celebration will, as is usual with the Old Students’ Association, another opportunity for the commissioning of some of the projects currently under construction/refurbishment in the school.

It will be recalled that the Old Students’ Association of Methodist High School Ilesa was celebrated by the Ministry of Education in Osun State for the follwing
1. Construction of New ultra modern gate house
2. Re-roofing of 42 classrooms including replacement of windows, doors, painting and flooring of classrooms 
3. Refurbishment of Physics and Chemistry Laboratories
4. Complete upgrade and modernization of Home Economics Laboratory 
5. Construction of Olympics size Basketball Court

6. Reactivation of Water Supply System through a deep well and network of pipes
7. Renovation of the Principal’s Officeincluding the construction of a car park for the Principal
8. Refurbishment of the NYSC LODGE
9. Construction of new block of ten toilets for the staff and the students
10. Sponsorship of 2016 and 2018 inter house sports
11. Donation of Computers
12. Renovation of School Fence
On-going projects include the Construction of E-Library, Astronomy Laboratory, Sports Hall for Table Tennis and Upgrade of new classrooms among others. 

SIGNEDEngr. Dideolu FalobiPresident Old Students’ Association of Methodist High School, Ilesa

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