Anita Denise Baker (born January 26, 1958) is an American singer-songwriter. Starting her career in the late 1970s with the funk band Chapter 8, Baker released her first solo album, The Songstress, in 1983. In 1986, she rose to stardom following the release of her platinum-selling second album, Rapture, which included the Grammy-winning single “Sweet Love”. She is regarded as one of the most popular singers of soulful romantic ballads during the height of the quiet storm period of contemporary R&B in the 1980s. As of 2017, Baker has won eight Grammy Awards and has five platinum albums and one gold album. Her vocal range is contralto.

In 1979 Anita Baker was dropped because the recording company managing the group she belonged to thought she didn’t have star potential.

Baker joined Chapter 8 in 1975 and the group toured until securing a deal with Ariola Records in 1979. After Ariola was bought out by Arista Records in 1979, Chapter 8 was dropped by the label who were convinced that Baker, as the group’s lead singer, didn’t have “star potential.”

She believed it and returned to Detroit, working as a waitress and a receptionist for 3 years
, in 1982, Otis Smith, a former associate of Ariola, convinced Baker to start a solo career under his Beverly Glen label.

He saw something else in her

She went on to win:
8 Grammy Awards!
Nominated 10 times!
4 American music Awards!
Nominated 5 times!
7 soul Train Awards
Nominated 5 times!
Lifetime Achievement Award 2018
Even the BET Awards that was established in 2001 to celebrate African Americans gave her an award.
At a point her album sales was over 8million copies worldwide.
…but for three years she served tables and worked as a receptionist because somebody told her she didn’t have potentials.
Be careful who you listen to.
You will succeed as long as you believe in yourself and do your part to ensure success.

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  1. Thanks for posting wonderful story of Anita Baker, You and I shall also be celebrated with our families in JESUS’ Name Amen.

    I hold on to the report of the LORD!!!


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