My Stands On The Protest Of Ihedioha’s Removal By Supreme Court. Femi Falana SAN

The protesters claimed they were protesting the injustice meted on the people of Imo State.

When I examined the protester, I discovered the following:

Ihedioha’s mother was not among, because she is not from Imo State.

Ihedioha’s wife was not among, because she is not an Imo State woman.

Ihedioha’s children were not there because they are not from Imo State.

Ihedioha’s brothers, Sisters and close siblings were not among, because none of them came from Imo State.

Ihedioha himself also refused to lead the protest because he is not from Imo State too.

The hired elders and youths are the only people from Imo State, so, they must cry against the injustice that emanated from supreme Court judgement.

The earlier they understand that no amount of protest can or will upturn the Supreme Court judgment, the better for them.

Ihedioha, if truly you love Imo State and the people of Imo State, you must stop endangering the lives of the youths and elders of the State with your “money induced protest”. It is treasonable to protest against the judgement of the Supreme Court.

If you want to appeal the case, please wait until you transit to the afterlife, where you will appeal it in the apex court of the Almighty God.

Even in the apex court of the Almighty God, it is still very very impossible for you to win, because he who comes to equity must come with clean hands.

There is no way you will expect the Supreme Court to declare you the governor without the inclusion of votes from 388 polling units that were unlawfully rejected by INEC.

And to worsen the case, without calling for a rerun in those 388 polling units, you connived with INEC to declared you the winner of the election were you did not even meet up with the constitutional requirements which states that, “A candidate for a contested election to the office of Governor shall be declared winner if he has: *** The highest number of votes cast at the election; *** and Not less than one-quarter of all the votes cast in each of at least two-thirds of all the LGAs in the state.”

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