It was one cool evening, Motunrayo tied her wrapper firmly around her
waist with Bible, jotter and a pen on her right hand she headed to the
backyard to study for an hour knowing that her husband Tope
wouldn’t return from work until about 2 hours later.
She was deeply engrossed in the study and suddenly she checked
her phone clock and decided to ring Tope and say hello.
“Hello oko mi”
“Hi dear” Tope replied
“How’s work today?”
“Where are you, still in the office?”
“Yes” Tope pretended
“Okay then, see you soon; just checking on you”she replied
With serious laughter at the other end of the phone Tope announced
“I am close to the house”
“What? Uhn? What did you say? Are you serious?”
“I am close to the house” Tope said with a serious tone
Marathon race began…
Motunrayo packed her Bible and other materials in haste!
“He mustn’t meet me in this way”
She ran into the living room, removed her wrapper, changed to an
evening gown. She rushed into the kitchen to do her dirty dishes and
in the twinkle of an eye with a mobbing brush in her right hand she
rushed out of the kitchen into the bathroom to dry the floor.
Panting and smiling she picked up her broom to sweep the bedroom,
living room, kitchen and their balcony thereafter she sat down and
expected the return of her hubby.
Why the hurry and scurry?
Motunrayo knew Tope her hubby hates having dirty dishes inside the
sink, wet toilet floor during the day(that place is his inspiration
room), and he hates his woman tying wrapper in the house.
Thinking he wouldn’t come home till around 7-8pm she flaunted all
his dislikes
This happened to me
And after I settled down, the Holy Spirit told me “Can you now see the
reason why no man is permitted to know the time for the second
coming of Christ?”
Hmmm I became sad and thoughtful
God wants to reward only servants who are faithful even in His
God would have many unfaithful servants in His kingdom if we know
His time of coming.
Many will live in sin and disdain God’s order only to quickly seek re-
dress when the day draws closer.
Unfortunately and good for us, none of us will have the time for
repentance when rapture suddenly comes upon us!
It will be too late!
At Jesus’ coming there won’t be the time to put off the filthy garment
of sin! Secret and dirty life, wet and lukewarm christianity!
There won’t be a time to go pay back all we stole! No time to forgive
those we held in the captive of unforgiveness, No grace to greet
those we are keeping malice with, No chance to pray for forgiveness
of those secret sins, no time to make amends after rapture
No repentance after rapture or death
He will come suddenly like a thief in the night
In the twinkle of an eye..all His saints He has taken!
The left over will be unrepentant sinners
Lukewarm and unfaithful Christians!
Tears will flow
Fingers will be bitten
Had I known song will be rampant
Eyes will turn red
Pandemonium everywhere
Chaos and noise
Blood will flow through accidents
Weeping and crying over loved ones taken up
Regret for neglecting the call of salvation
Regret for living in sin will abound
He is close to the house
Whether preachers stopped preaching it or not
Jesus second coming is too close
It is too risky to live in sin
I never want to remain here after rapture
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