Bamidele Salam, a main opposition Peoples Democratic Party’s lawmaker has launched a 90-day challenge, in which he dared Babatunde Fashola, minister of works to travel around the country by road.

This comes as the minister denounced claims of record number of bad roads in the country and accused Nigerians of false alarm.

“The roads are not as bad as they are often portrayed … the roads are not that bad,”

Fashola had said.

But Salam, a member of the house of representatives from Osun state, faulted Fashola’s remarks, asserting his wordview affirms he is completely divorced from the relaities of the general public.

Speaking in Abuja on Thursday, the lawmaker noted:

“I found this statement, which had been repeated by the honourable minister at least on two previous occasions as a clear indication that some of us in public offices are not at all in tune with the horrendous realities of our fellow citizens’ daily

experience,” he said.

“Appreciating what Nigerians go through on our bad roads daily, requires that public office holders put themselves in the shoes of the average Nigerian and get a first-hand experience of how Nigerians survive on a daily basis.

“It is only when the minister, as well as other relevant stakeholder, travel the roads in the country for a reasonable length of time would they understand the yearnings of Nigerians.”

Salam asked Fashola and other concerned individuals to join him to tour the roads in the country for three months to better understand their state.

He said:

“As a member of the house of representatives committee on works, I will be throwing a road travel challenge to the honourable minister and all persons concerned to avoid air travel for all local trips in the next 90 days.

“If we will agree to this challenge, we may come back with a better appreciation of the true state of our road infrastructure and the desperate things we need to do to save our economy from further disruptions as a result of the burgeoning crisis in the road transportation sector.”

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