(1) Prep:
Write down the top three keyword phrases that people use to find you on search.

Pro tip: Remember, shorter keyword phrases work better for Twitter.

Write down three pieces of content that are related to the search results of your keyword phrases. You’ll be able to use this content to draw prospects back to your website.

(2) Get Started:
Head on over to Twitter and type in your keywords and hashtags using any combination you would like.

Pro tip: Mix and match searching your keyword phrases with a hashtag and without a hashtag for the most diverse results.

Please Note: Twitter has a couple options to sort your search results (see below). It automatically shows you “Top” results. If you’d like to see more results, click “All” at the top of your search. Or, just to the left of your search results, you can click “People” to only see other profiles, not tweets,that match your search.

Based on their profiles, identify five Twitter users that could be potential leads for your business. Then follow them!

(3) Take Action:
Now it’s time to start sharing the pieces of content you identified earlier. Start engaging with potential prospects by:
• Retweeting some of the content they’ve shared on Twitter, especially if what they shared is relevant to your industry (remember, these will appear to your followers)
• Clicking “Favorite” for relevant tweets to your industry or tweets you appreciate for being interesting or funny (these will not appear to your followers)
• Responding to any questions they may have tweeted to establish thought leadership

Marketing :
Create a Twitter list of all the potential prospects you’ve identified to make checking in on them easy for you. Make sure to name your list something that is relevant to your industry. (You do this from your own profile page.)

Please Note: Twitter lists can be public or private. If you make a public list, name it something you don’t mind others seeing (so do NOT name a public list “My Prospects” for instance – name it, “[Your Industry] Leaders” or something equally complimentary.) When you add someone to a public list, they get an alert the same way they get alerts for retweets, favorites, and @-mentions. (If you’d rather create a private list, feel free to name it whatever is best for your Twitter usage.)

[Take-home exercise]
Spend 20 minutes a week:
– Repeating this exercise and adding more prospects to your list (5 mins)
– Retweeting relevant content for your industry from this Twitter list (5 mins)
– Favoriting tweets from potential prospects from this Twitter list (5 mins)
– Engaging with potential prospects by posing or answering questions from your Twitter list to establish thought leadership (5 mins)

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